Explosive growth through mastering human resources

Selectel has become a leading company in IT business solutions and is experiencing explosive growth. In fact, over the past five years, the average annual growth rate of the company exceeds 60%. To keep this growth trend going, the company pays great attention to all aspects of human resources. This starts with recruiting, where the company gives great importance to both internship programs as well as recommendations from current staff members. Selectel has also devoted significant attention to the onboarding of new employees in order to reduce stress and get new employees quickly acquainted with the company’s culture and values. Among the more innovative ways of accomplishing this are: (1) each new employee is assigned a “friend” who helps with typical work questions (ordering the office, arranging vacations, etc.) and (2) a company-wide game that is designed to foster a community atmosphere within the company.

Perhaps the most important human resources consideration is employee development. Selectel ensures this via strong communications between employees and both their managers and their colleagues. This helps employees work on their shortcomings and also develop in areas where they demonstrate strong growth potential. These are supplemented with training opportunities that Selectel sponsors (courses and conferences) as well as direct experience exchanges with internal colleagues.

The end results of Selectel’s devotion to human resources is that the company has tremendous vertical and horizontal growth. Moreover, the company that now employees 300 plans on hiring about 150 more this year.