Time for Kazakhstan to develop university-level FinTech program

FinTech companies in Kazakhstan have helped thousands of people gain access to fast and convenient financial resources. Yet, FinTech companies in Kazakhstan are facing the same problems as FinTech companies across the world: limited available talent. Currently Kazakhstani FinTech companies are trying to overcome this issue by: (1) collaborating with banking specialists, (2) recruiting young, inexperienced professionals, (3) luring employees from other companies and (4) attracting foreign specialists. These efforts are inadequate as all have severe shortcomings and have failed to address the issue.

It is obvious that it is time for Kazakhstani universities to introduce FinTech programs. Their graduates, by definition, would be well-versed in both financial and technical matters as well as all other modern trends within the sector. Successful examples include Skolkovo in Russia and High-Tech Park in Belarus. If Kazakhstan is also able to ensure appropriate resources for FinTech, then the likelihood of it becoming one of the most competitive countries in the digital age will increase significantly.