The appeal of finance to top tech talent

The world of technology seems to be filled with endless opportunities for innovation and success, whereas the financial world is often perceived as outdated and with a bleak outlook. Yet, tech-minded individuals seem to be entering financial spheres at high rates, signaling a shift in where many (especially millennials) are seeking to engage their tech talents. This change is largely due to both a change in mentality on the part of financial sector actors as well as the desire of tech talent to have job security. This is bolstered by most financial institutions moving past the financial crisis of 2008 and starting to open up in terms of transforming their own proprietary technology in order to make finance user-friendly. While the financial sector will undoubtedly continue to see an increase in demand for those with a tech background, it remains to be seen if tech talent will continue their migration towards financial services or if another sector will emerge to take its place .