12 expert opinions on HR tech

Technology is helping advance HR into a new era. Here are 12 expert predictions on the future of HR:

  1.   People analytics – technology is making it easier to integrate workforce data into HR decision-making processes. This will increase the effectiveness of human resources in the future.
  2.   Hiring and career planning – technology allows for HR departments to better predict personalities and strengths as well as fits for certain roles within a company.
  3.   People, process and technology – technology is helping make connections between the right people, processes and resources.
  4.   Learning and development – technology is allowing employee training to be convenient and constant. Moreover, artificial intelligence is capable of providing recommendations for future training/learning initiatives.
  5.   Strategic planning – new technology can help HR efforts to effectively support talent acquisition, talent management, succession planning and learning and development in the light of business priorities and organizational goals.
  6.   Augmented recruitment intelligence – new technology can augment a recruiter’s ability to find and engage candidates, making recruitment a more proactive and stronger process.
  7.   Artificial intelligence – artificial intelligence is great at helping screen hundreds and thousands of applicants, helping maximize hiring and succession planning efforts; however, it will be important going forward to not forget about human intelligence and abilities within the process.
  8.   Context values and performance – technology that uncovers a talent’s values and performance in context and at scale allows for the formation of stronger teams that have cohesive ideals.
  9.   Mobile apps – mobile app use is an exciting new development for HR. It will allow employees to better manage themselves and their benefits while also giving HR the ability to better manage its functions.
  10.   Creating better strategies and human experiences – the effectiveness of HR rests heavily on the experiences it creates. Technologies can help HR create unique, personalized experiences that support an ever-shifting landscape.
  11.   Increasing employee touchpoints – technology has the power to create even more touchpoints for employees; moreover, those touchpoints can be personalized and made available 24/7.
  12.   Improving accuracy and objectivity – technology can help reduce human error without sacrificing a human touch. The automation of HR functions should lead to an increase in service and the removal of bias in decision-making.