The changing idea of management and reporting

With millennials and their ideas of what it means to be an employee entering the workforce, many companies are finding it necessary to change their organizational structure and how they operate. This has resulted in employees becoming more independent, the role of managers being reduced and reports increasingly becoming a thing of the past. In particular, millennials have a disdain for subordination and reporting. Given that and their general ability to work in a team as well as their desire to make their environment better and their openness towards others, many companies have concluded that it is better to adapt to them rather than to try to force them to adapt to the company.

While companies like Google and Facebook have been quick to adopt new reporting and management structures, perhaps the most dramatic approach has been the company Valve. Everything is quite simple at Valve- there are no managers at all. This decision was made in order to maximize creativity, a process cannot be controlled. The company has more than 300 employees, and there is not a single manager. Gabe Newell, founder of Valve, believes that not every company can work effectively without control, reporting and managers, however, as this requires suitable people. In the right circumstances though, companies need to consider the true value of management structures and reporting as compared to what employees are really capable of producing.