How healthy are “dream” IT offices?

Modern IT companies are striving to do everything for employees to be able to live at work, with many offering social gatherings, gyms, free restaurants, showers and even bedrooms. Perhaps none is envied more than Google in this respect. But many ex-Google employees warn that this leads to an unhealthy and unenthusiastic work (and life) environment, one focused solely around the company. As more IT companies move in this direction, IT professionals are increasingly discovering that such a “dream” IT office can make it nearly impossible to maintain relationships, raise children, take care of relatives or even go on a vacation. Moreover, such IT offices can lead to bad habits and addiction. In short, these “dream” IT offices can become a gilded prison of sorts that prevents employees from satisfying emotional needs, instead displacing them with work dependencies.

It is important to note that IT offices must provide some level of comfort as IT professionals working on projects that require long hours must have their needs taken care of. But it is important for the overall health of IT professionals that they maintain work-life boundaries and divide personal and work space. A harmoniously-developed person feels comfortable at work, with family and friends and at home.