The future of banking: secure omnichannel banking

As a broader range of banking services are becoming available on a variety of new platforms, consumers are increasingly using a combination of channels to conduct banking activities. The next wave of innovation in the banking sector, however, seeks to move past physical contact (e.g. going to a bank, using a card, touching a screen, etc.) and go “screen-less”. Interacting with technology by voice or quickly authenticating on a device with biometrics provides an experience that is seamless and abstracts the user from the underlying technology (think of how devices like the Amazon Echo let consumers check account balances and initiate mobile transfers with just the use of voice commands). These new banking experiences will provide significant convenience and value for consumers; however, they need to be paired with identity and access management solutions that keep pace with innovation in order to provide adequate security in these new environments and not expose consumers to undue risk and fraud. To learn more about building a secure omnichannel banking strategy and delivering compelling digital experiences to customers, check out this short eBook: A Guide to Digital Banking in the IoT Economy.