2018 IoT Intelligence Market Study

Dresner Advisory Services examined business interest in the internet of things (IoT) as part of its 2018 IoT Intelligence Market Study. The Study also examined key related technologies such as location intelligence, end-user data preparation, cloud computing and analytics. Key insights gained from the study include:

  • Sales, marketing and operations departments have been the most active early adopters of IoT solutions.
  • IoT is viewed as critical for achieving necessary product quality, production scheduling and supply chain orchestration goals in many industries.
  • Investments in IoT analytics and application development as well as defining accurate and reliable metrics are extremely important for further IoT adoption.
  • IoT early adopters and advocates have prioritized dashboards, reporting, analytics, advanced visualization and data mining.
  • The importance of advanced, predictive analytics is at an all-time high.
  • The most valuable features include support for a range of regression models, hierarchical clustering and descriptive statistics.
  • Access to advanced analytics is the most important usability benefit for IoT adopters.