The potential of biometrics in finance

There are various ways of identifying a person biometrically. Here are the top five modern biometric methods of identification today:

  1. Fingerprints — fingerprint usage for identify has evolved with modern technological developments. Today, fingerprints can be used not only as passwords but also as payment confirmation tools. For example, WorldPay is offering to install scanners in supermarkets and allow customers to link their fingerprint with a bank card, making payment as simple as the touch of a finger.
  2. Voice recognition — voice recognition is being actively used in bank call centers around the world. Such technology makes it possible to verify a caller’s identity without the use of a codeword, which is often forgotten. Wells Fargo has also experimented with using voice recognition with their mobile application.
  3. Facial recognition — facial recognition technology is already being installed in ATMs around the world and has been an integral feature of Apple’s iPhone X. There have also been tests at retail stores in which a customer’s face is scanned and linked to payment information, allowing customers to pay for goods and services by merely showing their face.
  4. Retinal scans —some mobile phones are already using retina scans as passwords. Now, this technology is being further explored for its potential in identification.
  5. Heartbeats — the rhythm of every person’s heartbeat is unique. Modern fitness bracelets are able to recognize electrocardiographic signals, and some manufacturers have already seen the potential of such devices in banking. For example, Canadian manufacturer Bionym is testing the Nymi bracelet in conjunction with the British bank Halifax. The unique heartbeat is used to access internet banking and is being explored for its potential payment functionality.