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Uzbek Muslims can now pay Waqf via internet, mobile devices

The company Click has partnered with charitable organization Waqf to provide Muslims the opportunity to make religious-based payments via the internet and cellular communication devices, meaning that Muslim users can now fulfill compulsory and other payments in accordance with the canons of Islam at any time and in any place. Cash is credited to special accounts of Waqf for further targeted use; specifically, it will be used on measures to radically improve the activities of the religious and educational spheres. Payments can be made at any time from a mobile phone with the help of various interfaces: through USSD, the mobile application Click Uzbekistan and Telegram-bot @clickuz.

Click is a mobile banking system that allows individuals to pay for goods and services from various partners via a mobile phone (via USSD/SMS) or the internet (via Web/Web-mobile). Waqf was registered as a charitable organization with the Ministry of Justice in early May this year. Among its main tasks is the financing of mosque reconstruction, holy places of pilgrimage and other religious objects.