Why Financial Institutions Are Looking to the Cloud

GFT, which has been working with the cloud since its inception, recently commissioned a study (conducted by HTF Research) of how financial institutions view the cloud. This insightful infographic highlights the key findings of the study.

Why are financial institutions moving to the cloud?

  • Speed to market (95%)
  • Unlimited scalability (86%)
  • Cost optimization (81%)
  • Security assurance (33%)

What is hindering the implementation of cloud-related solutions?

  • Corporate culture and inertia (62%)
  • Complexity and compliance with regulatory requirements (62%)
  • Lack of experience (38%)

How managers assess the process of introducing cloud-related solutions.

  • Very successful (28%)
  • Fairly successful (48%)
  • Not yet started (14%)

Source: Hybrid and Multicloud: Think Cloud. Use Cloud. Be Cloud; For a Sustainable, Secure Future