7 principles of working with Gen Z

Those born between 1995 and 2010 are starting to trickle into the workforce. Here are 7 principles for effectively managing Generation Z (Gen Z):

  1. Use technology – Gen Z grew up online, with easy access to tools and information. You can “get through” to them by using the latest technology.
  2. Give fast results – Gen Z needs to see quick success and results. Their career paths are best described by short segments that logically flow from each other.
  3. Play games – Gen Z needs to be challenged. Make learning a game/puzzle in order to maximize Gen Z’s potential.
  4. Provide guidance – Gen Z has demonstrated a need for guidance. It is better to set tasks individually for Gen Z and ensure that instructions are located in an easily-accessible place (e.g. online portal).
  5. Be human – Gen Z is not a career-focused generation. They also need the human qualities of employment emphasized.
  6. Go digital – Gen Z does not merely use their smartphones; their whole lives are often located there. Make sure to use instant messengers and chat bots if you want to effectively communicate with them.
  7. Support values – Gen Z places great importance on community and showing individuality within that community. This extends to workplaces. Gen Z must feel that the mission, utility and style of working matches who they are.