Building a millennial-friendly brand through social awareness

Millennials represent a drastically different generation than baby boomers or gen-Xers, one that has adapted to a broader range of resources and a much more connected world. Building a millennial-friendly brand requires an intimate understanding of what motivates them. Here are three important strategies to keep in when building a brand for millennials:

  1. Communicate a meaningful purpose – the world can be a difficult place, and millennials are eager to try to help make it better for all of us. They tend to gravitate towards companies that are socially-oriented as well as customer-oriented.
  2. Emphasize sharing – millennials have grown up in a world of sharing, with the uberization of nearly everything making it easier to share than ever before. They look for companies that offer shareable solutions as a way to both share their lives and also lessen everyone’s financial burden.
  3. Prioritize transparency – every marketer knows that it’s hard to win a consumer’s trust and even harder to win back. This is especially true for the more socially-conscious millennials, who demand that the companies they patronize be open and honest.