Digital banking services in the post-Soviet space evaluated

Markswebb has prepared the Mobile Banking Rank CIS 2017. The study evaluated 86 mobile applications of 41 banks on both iPhone and Android devices, evaluating how easily users can manage a debit card, change settings, make transfers and payments, obtain information about their card and communicate with the bank. The highest assessments of the efficiency of mobile banks are shown by Russian banks, followed by banks in Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

The study found that the leading mobile applications in terms of services were generally not developed by the largest players in the market. The study also found that, despite banks seeking to develop mobile applications evenly on both major mobile platforms, the difference in scores between iOS and Android usually exceeding 0.5 points. This difference is due, firstly, to the historical prevailing priority of iOS and, secondly, the existing notion of less secure applications on Android. This resulted, in general, in less Android devices having the ability to transfer funds and other potentially risky functions. Click here to see the study.