Digitization an inevitability in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan began its journey toward digitization in 2006. Since that time, digitization has gained much traction in the country in both the public and commercial sectors. Our friends at Terrasoft sat down with Nurlan Akshanov, deputy chairman of Construction Savings Bank (one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan) to discuss digitization efforts in general as well as those with his bank.

Mr. Akshanov noted that digitization is very important for all sectors of the economy as it’s the way the world is heading. In particular, he gave examples of how his bank is implementing a number of important projects to better connect with customers and facilitate easier access to products and services. At the same, he added that it is important for all such projects to be closely monitored for their impact on customer usage and technology performance in order to ensure that maximal benefits are gained for both the operators and the users of the new digital technologies. 

Read the full published interview to gain more of Mr. Akshanov’s insights into digitization in Kazakhstan.