FinTech’s strange relationship with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world topsy-turvy, altering our day-to-day living patterns, overwhelming healthcare systems, closing businesses, increasing unemployment and stagnating economies. At the same time, we, as people, have a track record of working to make the best out of any situation. In the case of this pandemic, FinTech has proven to be a light in the midst of a lot of darkness.

As the pandemic set in, much of the world simply relocated to a relatively comfortable place: the digital world. This is important as FinTechs allow digital spaces to flourish, providing simple, easy and secure ways for people and businesses to make transactions, including ordering food, accessing entertainment options, paying bills and shopping. In fact, the pandemic might even serve as an impetus for opening up conversations about how businesses of the future will connect with and serve consumers. COVID-19 is definitely leaving its mark on the world, but it might just also help usher in new levels of digitization and forever change the way business is conducted.