FinTech vs. regulations: can they learn to better coexist?

FinTech startups continually create new, innovative solutions to modern financial issues, taking advantage of technology advances to make lives easier and business processes better. However, they are often at odds with regulations that are too rigid for them to fully operate in. The question remains: is it possible for these two spheres (FinTech and regulation) to better coexist?

At the moment, the answer to this is uncertain, with regulations tightening around the world. For example, many payment and money transfer systems are becoming increasingly regulated, even in more traditionally liberal financial markets like Japan and South Korea. To fight back, some FinTech startups are looking to the past instead of the future, taking advantage of traditional mechanisms and laws but with a modern twist. In order for true progress to be made, however, the two spheres need to start working together. If a modern, responsible and technologically-based structure for conducting international payments were to be built within a cooperative environment, the problem of the free circulation of funds would be solved for the foreseeable future. Now it just up to regulators and FinTech developers to come together and get on the same page.