Joint bank associations around Europe to maintain the ATM networks

The decrease in demand for cash and the growth of criminal attacks on ATMs have made many banks in the Netherlands and other European Union (EU) countries consider decreasing the number of ATMs available to serve the public. However, because physical money is still an important part of the economy, ATMs still need to be available. This has prompted the banks ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank and  the company Geldservice Nederland (GSN) to develop a joint project to ensure the continuous availability of ATMs in the Netherlands, with consulting support from the Central Bank of the Netherlands. At the core of the concept are the following points:

  • People should always have access to cash
  • There needs to be a secure system in place which clears extra cash from less accessed ATMs and establishes new ATMs in placer where there are not enough.
  • The associated banks can save money and improve access to cash by transferring the management and control of ATMs to specialized organizations.
  • New ATM schemes will ensure a high safety standard as well as an ease in both the use and maintenance of ATMs.
  • Cardholders should be able to choose the nearest ATM network to them, regardless of which bank it belongs to.
  • Customers should not experience any change from the way they interact with ATMs now.

Similar initiatives have been successfully implemented in Sweden and Finland.