Online foreign currency deposit options in Uzbekistan

With Uzbekistan’s national currency depreciating for 15 consecutive weeks and the United States dollar setting new records almost every 2 weeks, here is an overview of the 7 financial institutions in Uzbekistan that offer online foreign currency deposits:

  • Learnbank – the Comfort Deposit can be opened remotely and requires a minimum balance of USD 1,000 to qualify for the 4.25% interest rate.
  • Asakabank – the Contribution Mobile-USD account can be opened and managed through the bank’s mobile app. It requires a minimum deposit of USD 100 and offers a rate of 3%.
  • Asia Alliance Bank – the bank offers four online currency deposit options that require a minimum balance of USD 100 and offer interest rates of between 5.5% and 7%.
  • Agrobank – the bank offers Express Capital and Savings Express accounts that both require a minimum balance of USD 100. Interest rates vary between 4% and 6%.
  • Kapitalbank – the Online PRIME account can be opened via the bank’s mobile app and offers a 4% interest rate against a minimum balance of USD 500.
  • Infinbank – the bank offers the Innovative and Profit Online accounts. Minimum balances are USD 100 and USD 5,000 respectively, with rates of 5% and 6% respectively.
  • Hamkorbank – the bank offers 3 online deposit options: Sarmoya-6, Smart Plus Dollar and Smart Dollar. Minimum balances range between USD 100 and USD 500, with interest rates varying between 3% and 6%.