Yandex Money, Phinex Plus launch trust management service

Yandex Money and Phinex Plus have launched Yammi, a trust management service to help investors invest in Phinex ETFs. Yammi is a roboadvisor that offers investment recommendations based on a computer algorithm that defines user profiles. Despite the promise of the new system, there are still issues with it. For example, the system tends to define users as having a more aggressive risk appetite than they actually do. Another concern is that account replenishment and withdrawals can only occur through Yandex Money, which itself comes with somewhat inconvenient limits and commission fees. In short, while Yammi is an intriguing glimpse into the potential future of investment management services, it is clear that its shortcomings need to be addressed before it will become an easy-to-use and convenient-for-consumers service that will radically change the way we invest.