Popular FinTech courses for both beginners and professionals

FinTech training courses and programs are popping up around the world. Here are 9 of the most popular for beginners and professionals alike:

  1.     Around FinTech in 8 Hours – offered by the Course of the Center for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE), this 8-hour course is designed to help beginners understand what is happening in the finance industry as well as what opportunities and threats FinTech brings.
  2.      FinTech and the Transformation of Financial Services – offered by Copenhagen Business School, this 4-week course gives an overview of what fintech is, how it is structured and regulations governing it in different countries as well as current technologies at work in the sector, including contactless payment systems, banking payment systems, P2P lending, crowdfunding and open banking.  
  3.      FinTech Foundations – offered by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, this 4-week course reviews how FinTech markets are organized as well as where FinTech technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and Big Data can be used to solve real-world problems.
  4.      FinTech School – located in San Francisco (United States), the school offers four online courses: Blockchain, Crowdfunding, Consulting Robots and Digital Insurance Technologies (InsurTech).
  5.      Oxford FinTech Program – offered by the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, this 10-week program covers the emergence of new financial technologies, the tools for their creation, the future of money and financial markets, including separate modules dedicated to financial technologies in the areas of RegTech and PropTech).
  6.     Innovative Banking Course – offered by Imperial College Business School, this two-day course focuses on blockchain, digital identification, cryptocurrency, tokens, smart contracts and electronic payments.
  7.      FinTech Certification and Innovation Course – offered by the University of Singapore, this 3-day course led by the former head of the IT department of HSBC London explores how new technologies affect traditional business models.
  8.      FinTech Marketplaces and Platforms Summer School – organized by Russia’s Financial University, the school offers entrepreneurial, technological and organizational tracks that highlight new technologies and their real-world uses.
  9.      Tinkoff FinTech School – this school combines a required theoretical course on FinTech trends with a choice of one of the following practical courses: Introduction to Scala, Fundamentals of Frontend Development, Development of Android Applications, Machine Learning in the Financial Sphere and Development of iOS Applications.