Sberbank launches 3 new payment services

Sberbank now offers three new ways of making payments that are faster and more convenient. The first is called “B2B Corp Checkout”. It allows legal entities to add a button on their website that, once pressed, lets consumers confirm a payment via an SMS code. The payment is then immediately released. The second is incorporates “B2B Corp Checkout” with the Yandex. Cashy payment showcase, allowing Yandex.Cashy users to use the “B2B Corp Checkout” process. The third is called “Business Profile”, which allows any business to easily create an online page for receiving online payments, regardless of whether or not the business has a webpage and online catalogue.

Sberbank, although proud of its work in making payment services easier, wants to increase the popularity of new payment services and usher in a world in which payments and money transfers are as simple as possible.