Shocking amount of unstructured and unused data in the U.K.

According to research conducted by Crown Records Management, as many as 59% of data across U.K. organizations is unstructured. Moreover, 40% of it is dark (unused). This is not surprising given that data is commonly stored in over 20 types of locations, including email account, the cloud, hard drives and paper documents. It is, however, somewhat alarming in a world where data is becoming increasingly important and ever more valuable. In fact, 64% of respondents indicated their belief that unstructured data, if managed effectively, could improve operational efficiency and productivity, with 34% believing it could help grow sales, 32% believing it could improve customer loyalty and 31% believing it could enhance employee engagement. Perhaps the most shocking revelation was that 51% percent of respondents identified that unstructured data actually posed a security risk to their organizations, and 49% stated that it may put them at risk of non-compliance.