USAVE Blockchain, BluPoint to launch African educational campaign

USAVE Blockchain has announced that it will be supporting offline internet solution provider BluPoint as part of an effort to increase access to education and information across African mining communities. Specifically, USAVE Blockchain plans to allocate 1% of funds raised from its upcoming initial coin offering (ICO) to BluPoint. In turn, BluPoint will build a turnkey solution for content provision and consumption across mining communities within two Sub-Saharan countries. USAVE Blockchain will also support the implementation of BluPoint’s technology across these regions and work to improve access to digital information by developing a detailed plan for content curation, deployment, training, support and maintenance.

The first phase of this educational and informational project will be a scoping phase in which a sample community in each country will be visited to define a template for activities. During this visit, a number of factors will be examined, including local infrastructure, cultural sensitivities, language and content with the highest social contribution. It will also consider the devices currently being used in these areas, literacy rates, locations for deploying BluHubs, range testing for the design of implementation maps and the identification of local partners for training/marketing.