2019 looks for be yet another lights-out year for FinTechs

2018 was a strong year for FinTechs, with the market cap of the Matrix FinTech Index growing 50 percentage points and far outpacing incumbent financial service giants and the S&P 500. Looking ahead to 2019, FinTechs should continue to steal the show by creating innovative tech-enabled products, providing access to underserved demographics and putting consumers first. Specifically, FinTech in 2019 is expected to:

  1. deliver 200% returns over the previous three years on the Matrix FinTech Index, outperforming incumbents and the S&P 500 by at least 150 percentage points;
  2. exceed a total aggregate value of USD 10 billion in terms of liquidity for the first time ever; 
  3. grow the number of FinTech unicorns to nearly 30, crossing the USD 90 billion figure in terms of total aggregate value.

Digital transformation is here to stay, and FinTech will be a strong driver of financial industry innovations for years to come.